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Mambo Dhuterere Battling with Depression

Mambo Dhuterere has not been in the spotlight for a while

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Mambo Dhuterere Battling with Depression

Zimbabwean gospel musician and songwriter Mambo Dhuterere has opened up about his battle with depression.

He attributed his battle with depression as being the reason why he has been turning down gigs and invitations.

Dhuterere Now ED's Praise Singer, Hwenje Dumped

Taking to his Facebook account, Mambo Dhuterere who has not been in the spotlight for a while, revealed that he has been battling depression.

He stated that he has been depressed mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

The Ndinzwei Mambo hitmaker said that he needs some time to regroup and pick himself up before he can make a return to the spotlight.

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Mambo Dhuterere Battling with Depression

He reassured his fans that he is going to make a comeback.

Have been turning down booking ‘n’ invitations zvaita kuti vamwe vave disappointed in me… forgive me 🙏…Am down mentally, emotionally, spiritually depressed… Just need a little while to pick myself up, I WILL BE BACK 😁 ln God we trust…

Mambo Dhuterere was the official campaign praise singer for Zanu-PF in the just conducted shambolic August 23 elections going on to release an album ahead of the elections.

One of them is titled “ZANU PF Kuwinner Mugariro” and another one features musician and losing candidate Sandra Ndebele.

Ndebele was running for a municipal seat in Ward 20, Pelandaba-Tshabalala in Bulawayo under a ZANU PF ticket.

Mambo Dhuterere launched his album “Nadah Pachiputukezi” in January 2023 at a ceremony that was held at the Harare International Conference Centre and graced by politicians, mainly from ZANU PF.

At the launch, the album was auctioned for US$30 000.


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