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Sangoma Robbed During Money Ritual

Gwaze contacted the police after he failed to retrieve the stolen money via magic

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Sangoma Robbed During Money Ritual

A self-styled traditional healer was robbed of US$850 by two men who posed as clients, claiming they needed his help to find prosperity through a goblin.

Woman Ill After WhatsaApp Encounter with Ghanaian Sangoma

The healer, Leonard Gwaze (43) was taken to a house where Tapiwanashe Muringai (27) and Oracle Johnson (30) robbed him after a disagreement arose between the three men.

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Gwaze, who is also known as “Ndunge anotuma gudo kunobvunza chikwereti,” contacted the police but was unable to retrieve the stolen money via magic.

Muringai and Johnson have been arrested and face charges of robbery.

Sangoma Robbed During Money Ritual

Harare provincial police deputy spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Faith Mapisa, said the two are facing robbery charges. Mapisa said:

One of the accused met the complainant at Chisipite Shopping Centre and heard him discussing with someone about his occupation as a traditional healer.

The accused person then informed complainant that he needed some assistance to improve his life.

The complainant and the accused boarded a taxi and went to the other accused person’s residential address.

Upon reaching their destination, the two asked if he was able to help them in acquiring a goblin for prosperity.

The complainant told them that he could only help them to make their lives better.

In the process of conducting their ritual a misunderstanding arose between the complainant and accused persons.

The accused persons went on to block the doorway. The complainant panicked and tried to wrestle the accused persons.

In the process, one of the accused persons took complainant’s wallet containing cash and threw back an empty wallet to the complainant and fled from the house.


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