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Video: Breasts Out in Chicken Inn Fight

A lady in a black boobtube leather dress goes on a rampage and starts attacking another lady wearing blue jeans

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Video: Breasts Out in Chicken Inn Fight

Drama unfolded at a Chicken Inn restaurant recently as two women fought over a man.

The fight, caught on camera, erupted after one of the women discovered her boyfriend dining with the other lady, resulting in a fierce exchange of blows in the fast-food restaurant.

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In a short video clip, shared on X, a lady wearing a black boobtube leather dress goes on a rampage and starts attacking the other lady wearing blue jeans, an orange top and a black jacket.

The conflict erupted when the former caught her boyfriend having a meal with the latter at Chicken Inn.

Notably, the boyfriend was nowhere in sight as the two women moored each other.

The video shows two security guards and one Chicken Inn staff member attempting to separate the brawling women and quell the fight.

The altercation escalated to the point where they were pulling each other’s hair

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The other lady in a black dress had her breasts exposed as her dress slipped during the catfight.

Watch the video below:

This is the second incident after Chicken Inn also made headlines in September 2023 when a famous Irish TikToker, Jack Fleetwood, witnessed a violent brawl inside one of their outlets in Zimbabwe.

Video: Breasts Out in Chicken Inn Fight

The fight erupted while he was waiting for his Chicken wrap order.

In the video, a man with cornrows leaped over the counter and stormed the serving area. The cashier had disappeared by this point.

Security guards rushed to apprehend him with baton sticks, and he put up a fierce struggle to avoid arrest.

A plain-clothed police officer arrived and handcuffed the unruly man, while a shop security aide struck him with a baton stick.

The assailant even attempted to grab a computer monitor to use as a weapon but was stopped before the police officer escorted him out.


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