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Dhuterere Refutes Cheating Allegations

He offered a reward of a vehicle worth $20,000 to anyone with such proof as alleged.

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Dhuterere Refutes Cheating Allegations

Mambo Dhuterere has refuted claims that he and Mai Dhuterere have broken up over cheating scandal as alleged by social media commentator Tatelicious.

Mambo Dhuterere in Cheating Storm

The gospel musician came out after a 24 hour media onslaught pinning him to two women, one of which is alleged to be carrying his second child.

He has also offered a reward of a $20,000 worth vehicle for anyone with such proof as alleged.

He also challenged naysayers to come up with video evidence pertaining to a violent confrontation between his wife and alleged mistress.

Mambo Dhuterere also bemoaned how such untrue reportage affects the accused women.

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Admitting to his frailties, he said he will gladly admit, she he be found in the wrong.

Dhuterere Refutes Cheating Allegations

Taking to Facebook, he said:

Hatina zvatingakuitewo kana muchi believer nyaya dzisina kana evidence🤷isu tichiri pamwe kuno..

pa carwash pajekerere pogoita noise madam, girlfriend na mambo poshaya anotorawo video?..

anouya ne evidence ye fight pa carwash, yekuti madam is in Botswana now or takaparadzana, any lady ane mwana we public DNA or humbowo hwe affair with any of vakadzi vakupostwa avo ndomupa mota iri worth 20K…

listen, tobhaiza too bad l admit am never perfect, that’s being human, but kana musati mandibata musamanikidzire😆😆 muchandibata henyu ende mukandibata ndobvuma..

nzwiraiwo tsitsi vana vevanhu vamunopinza munyaya idzi for views, ma love nema like, varikunzii so far kwavanogara vachinzi makaputsa imba yevanhu dziri nhema…

Mambo Dhuterere was accused of dating two women, one from Sunningdale and the other from Waterfalls, Harare.

Tatelicious, apparently revealed this in social media posts suggesting that, his wife had left gheir matrimonial home and sought refuge in Botswana, her home country.

She suggested that is why the man was having mental health issues. Moreso, he has been turning down shows to allow himself time to heal.


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