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Man Dies Fighting for Avenues Thigh Vendor

The death followed a misunderstanding between Mitchelle Muranda (23) and a motorist who had hired her services

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Man Dies Fighting for Avenues Thigh Vendor

A man was fatally stabbed to death in Harare by a man who had a disagreement with a hooker in the Avenues area in Harare yesterday.

26-year-old Panashe Nyamurowa’s lifeless body was discovered in a pool of blood at the corner of 6th Street and Samora Avenue.

How a Teen's Huawei Phone Led to a Thigh Vendor's Arrest

The case surrounding his death was in line with a fight between another man and an erotic service provider in the Avenues.

The altercation that led to his death followed a misunderstanding between Mitchelle Muranda, aged 23, of Queensdale and a motorist who had hired her services.

Witnesses said that the attacker was driving a Mazda Duet with the registration plate ACY 4313. He had two other passengers hired Mitchelle for erotic services. He paid for a room in town around 2:45 a.m. on Thursday.

Mitchelle then said she could not find her phone while in the room. It was later found under the table after searching. The attacker took Mitchelle to Fife Avenue shops. She told the victim and other men that the client had stolen money from her.

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Panashe went to confront the man who tried to drive away. The victim clung to his car’s door from the shops to Samora Machel Avenue and Sixth. That is where he was stabbed and died instantly.

Man Dies Fighting for Avenues Thigh Vendor


A 60-year-old Free State man has been jailed for raping a 10-year-old girl after he mistakenly sent a video of him with the victim to the child’s uncle.

The child was a relative of the paedophile.

Sgt Mahlomola Kareli said an uncle of the girl was at home when he received a message from a family member together with music videos on April 17 2021.

On opening the message, he realised one of the people in the child pornography video was his sister’s 10-year-old daughter.

The video showed the victim being recorded by the suspect, who is a family member, while she was performing sexual deeds under his instruction.

The uncle immediately contacted police. The videos were downloaded from his phone after his arrest.

He has been sentenced by the Excelsior regional court to 15 years’ direct imprisonment for rape. His name was also entered in the national register for sex offenders.



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