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Man Bashed for Using Bluetooth Tlof Tlof at Shopping Centre

He was caught red-handed using the controversial mubobobo on an unsuspecting female patron

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Man Bashed for Using Bluetooth Tlof Tlof at Shopping Centre

A man who had been terrorizing unsuspecting women with the dark art of Mubobobo found himself on the receiving end of vigilante justice.

His reign of deception came to a crashing halt after he was caught red-handed using ‘Bluetooth tlof tlof’ on a woman in a bar, sparking outrage and swift action from the community.

Makokoba Man Caught Using Bluetooth in Bank Queue

The notorious man received a well-deserved beating after he was caught red-handed using a controversial mystical practice known as “mubobobo” on an unsuspecting female patron at one of the bars within the shopping complex.

A victim recounted feeling strange sensations in her private areas and ultimately screaming in pleasure in front of other patrons.

He came and stood close to me while sipping his beer slowly. I started sweating and behaving as if I was engaged in s*xual activity.

I also felt weak and had to visit the toilet constantly, which is when I began to worry.

The victim and other patrons grew suspicious of the man’s peculiar behavior, particularly his constant leg movements.

One of my friends then told me that my behavior showed signs of someone using mubobobo on me, and we had already suspected that man because of his awkward behavior and the way he continuously moved his legs. We knew he was up to no good.

In a bid to escape the brewing wrath of the patrons, the man abruptly bolted.

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Man Bashed for Using Bluetooth Tlof Tlof at Shopping Centre

However, the determined crowd gave chase and managed to catch up with him, subjecting him to a severe beating.

The man had been engaging in the use of mubobobo on unsuspecting women who frequented the shops, bars, and a salon at the Northend Shopping Centre.

The man has apparently been at it for an extended period before his nefarious activities were finally exposed.

After he was exposed, multiple women came forward and shared their similar disturbing encounters with the man.

One of the victims, expressed her distress upon discovering that the man responsible for these inexplicable sensations was the same individual who had been caught in the bar.

I would become aroused from these feelings.

A hairdresser, who was also a victim, revealed that she had experienced the same kind of inexplicable feeling when the notorious man went to their salon.

At that time, when I thought it was due to the heat, the man was standing outside our salon.

I was looking confused and troubled and I told my colleagues, who also confirmed that they once felt like someone was having s*x with them.

However, since the day he was caught red handed and was thoroughly bashed, he has not been seen at the shopping centre.


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