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Escaped Inmate Caught Boozing

He decided to make his escape when his supervisor sent him to collect items from the company’s offices.

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Escaped Inmate Caught Boozing

Beer proved to be the Achilles heel for a prison inmate who had escaped prison.

Aleck Jack a nineteen-year-old inmate, was sentenced to four months behind bars when he appeared before a Bulawayo magistrate facing a charge of escaping from lawful custody.

After a full trial, Jack was convicted, and the magistrate handed him a six-month jail term.

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Fortunately, Jack will spend four months in jail after the magistrate suspended two months on the condition that he does not commit a similar offence in the next five years.

The magistrate described Jack as a dangerous criminal because he escaped from lawful custody. The magistrate said sentencing him would likely make him reform and deter would-be offenders.

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Sometime in September this year, the court heard, that Jack, nearing the end of his sentence for assault, was assigned to work at a brick manufacturing company located in Bulawayo’s Cement Siding suburb.

Seizing an opportunity, he decided to make his escape when his supervisor sent him to collect items from the company’s offices.

Escaped Inmate Caught Boozing

Later that evening, during a routine roll call by prison wardens, they discovered Jack’s absence, and a manhunt was immediately launched.

One would have expected Jack to be more cautious and maintain a low profile but his penchant for the wise waters proved to be his downfall.

His luck ran out, as he was caught boozing at a drinking spot in Figtree, Matabeleland South province, leading to his arrest and arraignment before te court of law.


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