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Landlady Helps Tenant to Fake his Death

Concilia called Kenny’s brother and his relatives, alerting them that he had passed on.

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Landlady Helps Tenant to Fake his Death

The Zengeza landlady who helped her tenant fake his death allegedly did so to lure back the tenant’s married brother, who is her ex-boyfriend.

Last week, Concilia Tabvunya and Kenny Tore caused a stir when they hatched a plan to fake the latter’s death. H-Metro initially reported that Kenny had faked his death to arm-twist his family to settle his rental debts.

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The 49-year-old welder owed his landlady four months’ rent totalling US$380.

After setting out their plan, Concilia called Kenny’s brother and his relatives, alerting them that he had passed on.

It was only after the Tore family went to Kenny’s house that they discovered that he was alive.

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Last week, Kenny told H-Metro that he faked his death to force his brother to pay the US$800 he owed him.

His brother, Tenson, had employed him at his welding business. However, he allegedly had not paid for some months.

After Kenny and his landlord pulled the stunt, the Tore family sat for a meeting to discuss the issue.

Landlady Helps Tenant to Fake his Death

In the meeting, Tenson revealed that Concilia helped fake her tenant’s death so she could get her ex, Tenson, back.

Tenson disclosed:

To be honest, I was the first to be informed of the fake death. I smelt a rat and sent someone to verify if Kenny had passed on.

Upon arrival, he was told that Kenny’s body was ferried to a hospital mortuary and I circulated the death message to our in-laws, family members and mother’s relatives.

I was in Shamva that day but I suspected that Concilia had faked this since she was looking for me. Takambodanana tikakonana saka ndanga ndisisawanike.

It’s true that Kenny works for me and I failed to pay him part of his salary because he used to squander it drinking alcohol.

Ndini ndaipa landlady wake rent yake pese paaibhadhara yacho saka mwedzi mitatu iyi ndipo panga takonana naConcilia. I don’t owe Kenny US$800 but US$100 only.

Concilia has denied faking Kenny’s death to trap her married ex, Tenson.

“lHe lied to his family. Anotorojawo haana imba, haana mari saka anoiwanepi yekuchengeta vakadzi vaviri?

I no longer want Kenny at my house. They must help him look for alternative accommodation.

I deliberately ignored their call to meet me because they are too poor to settle the rentals and unpaid bills.


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