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New Twist to Mabvuku House Row

"I will never allow those kids to benefit from my parents’ house because their father changed the house using fake documents" - Dr Mafunga

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New Twist to Mabvuku House Row

Four police officers are suspected of breaking into a Mabvuku home to look for two males who are said to have broken a peace order.

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The police were searching for Takunda and Lincoln Mafunga, who had been at odds with their aunt, Dr. Maria Mafunga, over their house, without a search warrant or court order.

After being hauled from the home, the twins were lodged in the Mabvuku Police Station.

According to Dr. Mafunga, the twins were resisting arrest by locking the doors, so she gave the order for the police to break into the residence.

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Takunda and Lincoln’s aunt and they had a sour argument about the place they are residing in.

New Twist to Mabvuku House Row

Residents of Mabvuku questioned the police’s actions when they broke into the residence and caused damage to property.

A neighbour said:

We are not happy with the police’s conduct. These twins are not violent at all. The officers had no search warrant, they had no court order, and we confronted them.

Ndavabvunzurudza mapurisa aya zvikanzi tanzwa nekufonerwa na Dr Mafunga vachiti sungai vana ava vabve pamba pevabereki vangu.

They were instructed by Dr Mafunga to break the doors and window frames arguing that no one would lodge a complaint since she is the owner of the house.

Dr Mafunga ihanzvadzi yababa vevana ava saka pakafa baba vavo havana rugare naye achiti ibvai.

She is now fooling police officers by sending them to destroy property in an effort to remove them.

Their late father had changed the house into his name since he was the heir.

H-Metro witnessed Dr Mafunga forcing one of the twins to sign an affidavit claiming that the house is not his late father’s at Mabvuku Police Station. Dr Mafunga said:

I am the one who ordered the officer-in-charge to direct his officers to break the windows and doors to gain entry.

I will use everything within my powers to defend my late parents’ inheritance.

I will never allow those kids to benefit from my parents’ house because their father changed the house using fake documents.

Ndainzi ndakafa inini saka handisikuzorega kurwira imba yevabereki vangu.

I live in a half a million United States dollar house in Glen Lorne, but will not stop fighting for that Mabvuku house.

I will continue to take them to court until they leave the house.

Harare provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Luckmore Chakanza, could not be reached for comment.


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