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Self-styled Apostle Calls Jah Prayzah a Demoniac

'Mhondoro ma principalities, ma demons anopozesa shumba anogara musango' - self-styled apostle

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Self-styled Apostle Calls Jah Prayzah a Demoniac

A self-styled Apostle has warned Zimbabweans against listening to secular music, particularly Jah Prayzah.

In a video gaining traction on social media, the Apostle also reveals where Jah Prayzah gets his musical prowess.

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Initially, he informs his congregation that secular musicians need to be possessed by a certain spirit to achieve success.

He goes on to issue a serious warning about listening to secular musicians, expressing his belief that some may be under the influence or possession of demonic entities.

Let me tell you something, if you’re a musician, if you’re not backed by a certain spirit you’ll never have relevance.

Regedza ndikutaurirei, ngwarirai zvamunoteerera nda vanhu vacho vamuri kuteerera vakapozeswa nema certain entities ne ma certain demons.

He then proceeds to unveil Jah Prayzah’s alleged source of musical prowess, which he claims became evident as he analyzed the lyrics of the musician’s recent hit, “Chiremerera.”

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Self-styled Apostle Calls Jah Prayzah a Demoniac

While dissecting the song’s lyrics, the Apostle highlights how Jah Prayzah openly mentions drawing inspiration and musical abilities from a demon king.

One day I was passing, ndaiteerera song inonzi Chiremerera ya Jah Prayzah.

Pane paanozoti, ‘Handina kubvutra ndakagadzikwa, ndine zodzo‘.

Ndobva ano mentioner source yekunobva inspiration ye music yake.

Ndobva ano mentioner source yekunobva backup ye zvaanoimba.

Akati, ‘Ndine Mhondoro‘.

Chii chinonzi Mhondoro?

Mhondoro ma principalities, ma demons anopozesa shumba anogara musango.

The Apostle goes on to suggest that these demons require vessels on Earth, such as Jah Prayzah, to exert influence.

Hamusati makambokanzwa here kambo aka kataiimba kudhara kainzi ‘Ndiri Mhondoro Shumba inogara yega musango‘?

Ma spirits ano taker ma territories, ma spirits ano governer ma boundaries. Ndodzinonzi Mhondoro.

These are demons from the pit of hell dziri ku finder expression pama territories.

But kuti dziwane much power over people dzinoda ma vessels ekushandisa so that they can find expression.

Then you hear Jah Prayzah achiti ndine zodzo ndine Mhondoro. Zvoreva kuti ari backed.

Interestingly, Jah Prayzah has faced accusations of being possessed while performing on stage.

There is a prevalent belief that ancestral spirits visit him during live performances, particularly when he sings the song “Goto,” a fan favourite.

Allegedly, some members of the audience get possessed when he performs the song.


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