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Allanah Allegedly Mistreating Disabled Stepson

Langton’s son is said to be living with well-wishers and using the train for hospital checkups.

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Allanah Allegedly Mistreating Disabled Stepson

Fadza Mutengi Collaborate Allanah has been exposed for allegedly mistreating her stepson and acting like a stereotypical stepmother on Facebook.

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In a rant shared on Facebook, one of her in-laws used a fake account to expose the musician of her doings.

In the post shared to Mafira Kureva Chipoko Nation, a username named Shaddai Thomas, she shared all that has been going on with Allanah’s stepson.

According to the post, Allanah, who is married to Langton, found her husband with a son from his previous relationship. The son is disabled and requires more care than other kids.

However, Allanah is said not to want the kid near their home or his father. Langton’s son allegedly lives with well-wishers and uses the train for hospital checkups.

Allanah allegedly threatens Langton with divorce if he attempts to go and see his child. Allanah is also allegedly faking that she is failing to get pregnant when she is on long-term contraception.

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The post also further insults Langton for forgetting his child because of a woman.

In the post’s comment section, Allanah demands the person use their real account and not hide behind a ghost account.

Allanah Allegedly Mistreating Disabled Stepson 

She also states that the person behind the ghost account knows all about her family. She says:

Shaddai Thomas ko wadii kuuya yeke wogohwandeiko iwe une information.

Kumba kwangu ukutokuziva and murume wangu ihama yako inini wacho unondiziva.


Agreeing that the ghost knew details about her family has shown netizens that the rant by the ghost account is all true.

Some have been reprimanding the singer for not mistreating a child she found there when she got into the marriage.

After that, Allanah backtracked and said that her husband has four children, and she does not know whom the author is talking about.


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