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Nurse Tampers with Rape Victim's Exam Report

Mupfudze tore the original report and produced a fake one with inconclusive results

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Nurse Tampers with Rape Victim's Exam Report

Magistrate Sam Chitumwa has sentenced a Chivhu General Hospital nurse to 16 months in jail or a US$800 fine for tempering with a medical examination report of a rape victim.

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Shamiso Mupfudze (46) should pay the fine by December 31, 2023

The court heard that an alleged victim (16) was examined by Mupfudze at the hospital on January 18, 2023.

Her examination allegedly concluded that the minor had been sexually abused.

She completed a medical affidavit serial number 014863 confirming her findings in the presence of the victim and her older sister.

Mupfudze’s job was to examine the victim using a rape kit, prepare a medical affidavit, keep a record of her observations and prescribe post–rape medication.

The affidavit was not commissioned on the day. Mupfudze then allegedly tore off the affidavit after the two left.

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She completed another affidavit serial number 01484 and wrote that the examination was inconclusive as there was no fresh evidence of abuse.

Nurse Tampers with Rape Victim's Exam Report

The minor and her sister went to collect the affidavit two days later and noted that Mupfudze had changed her findings.

They filed a complaint and another examination was done at Mvuma District Hospital the next day. It showed that the victim had healed hymeneal tears.

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Hymen is a piece of tissue covering or surrounding part of the vagina opening. It bleeds or thins when a woman becomes sexually active.

A third examination was done at Mbare SGBV Clinic on February 6, 2023. It was noted that the minor had healed hymeneal tears. Mupfudze was arrested.

Taonga Masaire prosecuted.

Source| Masvingo Mirror


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