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Chitungwiza Love Proposal Turns into Robbery

The two spent time together at the bar, and the man asked Abigail to go with him for the night

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Chitungwiza Love Proposal Turns into Robbery

A 23-year-old woman from Chitungwiza fell victim to a robbery orchestrated by a man she had initially planned to spend the night hours after he proposed love.

Abigail Khumalo, who stays in Unit L, Seke, met the unidentified robber around 10 pm in the Harare central business district.

Robber Sodomised by Vakayi in Chitungwiza

The mysterious man, whose identity remains unknown to Abigail, proposed love, and she agreed to be in a relationship with him.

The two spent time together at the bar, and the man asked Abigail to go with him for the night. The Chitungwiza woman was up for an adventurous night, and she accepted.

The two new lovebirds left the Harare CBD and headed to the man’s apparent residence in Mabelreign. They hailed a kombi, which dropped them at the Westgate roundabout after travelling to Westgate.

Their journey on foot toward the man’s house took an alarming turn when they reached a secluded location. Suddenly, he seized her from behind, gripping her neck and strangled her.

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The man brandished a knife, and he forcibly took her belongings and clothes, leaving her in a vulnerable, unclothed state.

Lover Violated Girlfriend for Beer Money

Fortuitously, a passerby intervened, coming to Abigail’s help and subsequently escorting her to Avondale Police Station to report the incident involving her unidentified companion turned assailant.

Chitungwiza Love Proposal Turns into Robbery

Harare’s provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Luckmore Chakanza, confirmed an ongoing investigation into the matter and appealed to the public for assistance in identifying the assailant.

Inspector Chakanza elaborated on the incident:

The unidentified accused person took the complainant’s items, including her clothes and disappeared into the dark.

The attack’s daring nature and the perpetrator’s anonymity have intensified efforts to bring the robber to justice.


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