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Cyan Boujee Accused of Bullying Paballo

Cyan Boujee allegedly beat up the 16-year-old Paballo Noko over a man, Thendo Zonzo

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Cyan Boujee Accused of Bullying Paballo

Cyan Boujee allegedly beat up Paballo Noko over a man, Thendo Zonzo.

She might get arrested for beating Paballo, after the girl reported the matter to the police.

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User (@joy_zelda) commented: Cyan Boujee is 21 years old women that has has been smashed by every man she meets,but has the guts to beat up an 16 years old that does the very same thing she does date different men and sleep with them,I hope she opens up a case her Kuku looks like an 60 years old gogo Cyan.

User (@Am_Blujay) added: Cyan pulled up on Paballo… Do you know how messed up you have to be to be taught manners by someone like Cyan Boujee?

16-year-old Paballo Noko
16-year-old Paballo Noko

User (@MaabuleM) expressed disgust at Paballo's mom: So Paballo Noko's mom has time to accompany Paballo to open a case against Cyan Boujee, but can't do the same for pedophiles? This woman is probably condoning what Paballo is doing and getting fed by it.

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X user (@theyluv_koki) also commented: It shows how Cyan Boujee is a weak motherf***r,how do you only target Paballo as if she was the only one who reposted your kak mixtape??,why didn’t you beat up Semaah when she was bashing you for your nonsense??because o le gwala.

Cyan Boujee Accused of Bullying Paballo

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Another netizen (@kaaavin_) defended Paballo: Boujee beating a 16 year old will forever be weird to me , I don't care about relationship ya Paballo le Zonzo or whatever but Cyan is old. She even went live and said ” It won't squirt , it's dry , it won't be wet” Bathong sesi ?? For a Man ????

(@Maluda012) did not mince her words on Paballo: Paballo noko was born in 2007. She was 15 years old when she dated busta 929 and now she's only 16 and dating thendo zonzo. 😭😭 I swear her body will be tired in her 20s.

Cyan saw that these kids are coming at a high speed to take her bread and butter so she had to act fast.


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