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3-some Nightmare for Thirsty Tafadzwa

Sasha introduced Tafadzwa to Mitchel and offered him a threesome if he added $5 more for the session

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3-some Nightmare for Thirsty Tafadzwa

A man in Harare had a threesome that turned into a nightmare after he was robbed of $500 by two thigh vendors in the CBD.

The man, only identified as Tafadzwa, was lured by a thigh vendor named Sasha and agreed to pay $5 for a session.

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Sasha, however, introduced him to her partner named Mitchel and offered him a threesome if he added $5 more for the session.

The three got a flat at Gail Court, where the tenant, Sniper, charged them $10.

The three had their session, but soon after finishing, the two thigh vendors started demanding more money from Tafadzwa.

They took his wallet from his car, which contained $500, and ran.

A passerby called the law authorities, and the two were arrested and taken to the police base at Roadport. Tafadzwa recovered only $340 of his money and showed a lot of regret.

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The man claimed that the money was not his and his family collected it for his grandmother. He was entrusted to keep the money and take it to his grandmother.

Tafadzwa, however, refused to make a formal police report against the two thigh vendors, and they were released.

3-some Nightmare for Thirsty Tafadzwa

Other tenants at Gail Court have asked the police to deal with Sniper as thigh vendors and drug dealers are using his flat, and they are tired of being harassed by the police because of his dealings.

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In Harare, a lot of murders and robberies in the past few months have been committed by thigh vendors or because of them.

Recently, a man was murdered along Samora Avenue after a thigh endor accused her customer of stealing her money during a session.

In another case, a man also lost his money after he was lured and robbed by a thigh vendor in the Avenues area.


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