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Police Uncover Preps for Massive Vuzu Party

A message on social media was mobilising children for a Vuzu party in Parklands Suburb

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Police Uncover Preps for Massive Vuzu Party

POLICE in Bulawayo have intercepted a message on social media mobilising children for a Vuzu party at Parklands Suburb and have immediately clamped down to stop the illegal gathering.

14 Teens Arrested at Pumula Vuzu Party

Vuzu parties are wild shindigs usually organised by school children and sometimes sponsored by older people who may ply the minors with drugs and alcohol before taking advantage of them in unprotected group sex sessions.

In a statement, Bulawayo Acting Police Spokesperson Assistant Inspector Nomalanga Msebele said the illegal parties pose a direct threat to the academic progress, physical well-being, and mental health of the children involved.

In light of the enthusiastic celebrations anticipated in Parklands, organised by unruly school children after the academic year and exams, the police have gone proactive to protect the minors.

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Asst Insp Msebele informed parents that these illegal parties have been linked to drug and substance abuse, which is a significant societal issue both locally and globally.

Police Uncover Preps for Massive Vuzu Party 

Msebele said:

The excitement following the end of exams can sometimes lead to irresponsible behaviour, and the police are determined to crack down on illegal parties and those who facilitate them by strictly enforcing existing laws.

The prevalence of these illegal parties poses a direct threat not only to the academic progress of the students involved but also to their physical and mental well-being.

Inspector Msebele urged parents, teachers, community leaders, and students to come together and form a united front in combating the issue.

Students Arrested at a Sex Party in a Harare Suburb

Vuzu Parties clamp down require a collective effort from all of us.

We cannot expect to eradicate illegal parties and the abuse of drugs and alcohol among schoolchildren without actively involving parents, teachers, community leaders, and the students themselves.

Let us work together to create a safe and empowering environment for our youths. Report a Vuzu Party.


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