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Apostle Nhapata and Daughters Beat Up Ruvimbo

Ruvimbo left the church claiming she was tired of abuse and indoctrination

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Apostle Nhapata and Daughters Beat Up Ruvimbo

Apostle Ruramai Nhapata, of Trinity International Fellowship Ministry, is said to have led her daughters, Esther Nhapata and Gamuchirayi Nhapata, in assaulting Ruvimbo Mugwindidza.

Apostle Nhapata Undresses & Massages Corpse

She left the church claiming she was tired of abuse and indoctrination.

Apostle Nhapata made headlines recently for invading a local funeral service mortuary where she prayed for her neighbour’s body claiming the dead man was going to come back to life.

Apostle Nhapata and Daughters Beat Up Ruvimbo

Ruvimbo said:

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I have been subjected to emotional and physical abuse by the family while staying at their house to grow their ministry.

We were being indoctrinated with falsehoods as a way of convincing people to join her ministry.

I could not continue living in falsehoods for the sake of free accommodation and free food.

I could not continue hardening my heart for the sake of supporting their false spiritual powers and cooked messages of prosperity.

She claimed to have angels, who always hover around her, since she has been sent by God.

I collected my belongings and bade them farewell and that is when the three assaulted me until I bled from my nose.

Apostle Nhapata said Ruvimbo was spreading falsehoods about them.

Nhapata said:

Matanga futi, Ruvimbo aroverwa makuhwa aakanoita kuna amai vake.

You published bad things about me on the resurrection story and this time you are back again to write bad things about us, go ahead.

I will find what to do with you.

Apostle Nhapata Mocked for Attempts to Raise the Dead

Esther said she assaulted Ruvimbo and defended Apostle Nhapata. Esther said:

It is true that we assaulted Ruvimbo but leave Apostle from the story since last time you published some negative things about her.

You may come and see her for clarification.

Another church member, who identified himself as Kamuzunguze, threatened the media with unspecified action.

Ruvimbo haana kurohwa zvekuti afe asi kungorangwa chete kuti adzidze zvino imi mavakutofonera Apostle.

Apostle Nhapata vangoranga mwana wavanga vachichengeta chete, ndezvemumba kwete zvemumapepa.

Source| H-Metro


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