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Being a Tenant Ages You Faster than Smoking

The research found renting had worse effects on biological age than being unemployed, obesity, or being a former smoker

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Being a Tenant Ages You Faster than Smoking

No, renters, you are not imagining those grey hairs springing up on your head – your living situation is actually making you older, faster.

A landmark study out of the University of Adelaide and University of Essex has found that living in a private rental property accelerates the biological ageing process by more than two weeks every year.

Half of Zimbabwe’s Urbanites are Tenants

The research found renting had worse effects on biological age than being unemployed (adding 1.4 weeks per year), obesity (adding 1 week per year), or being a former smoker (adding about 1.1 weeks).

University of Adelaide Professor of Housing Research Emma Baker said private renting added “about two-and-a-half weeks of aging” per year to a person’s biological clock, compared to those who own their homes.

Professor Baker said:

In fact, private rental is the really interesting thing here, because social renters, for some reason, don’t seem to have that effect.

She said the security of social renting – aka public housing – and homeownership has compared to people living with an end-of-lease date on their calendars.

When you look at big studies of the Australian population, you see that the average rental lease is between six and 12 months.

So even if you have your lease extended, you still are living in that slight state of kind of unknowingness, really not quite secure if your lease is actually going to be extended or not.

We think that that is one of the things that’s contributing to loss of years, effectively.


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Being a Tenant Ages You Faster than Smoking

Over the years, nearly one-quarter of seniors have selected a healthcare plan that they weren’t happy with.

In fact, results also found that a similar number (24%) have chosen a plan simply because it was the cheapest option.

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But today, seniors tend to prioritize plans that cover what they need, regardless of the cost rather than focusing only on the price tag (54% vs 34%).

Despite the average respondent having the same healthcare plan for five years, 50% say reading through it gives them a headache.

But all those years must have taught them something, as 86% of seniors believe they are knowledgeable about their current plan

When asked what terms they’d need to research, words like “deductible” (27%), “out-of-pocket limit” (26%) and “co-payment” (26%) ranked at the top of the list.

Source| NY Post


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