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Chakwera Prays for Kwacha | Makandiwa Warns ED

The Malawi President announced a national day of prayer following the devaluation of the Malawi Kwacha last month.

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Chakwera Prays for Kwacha | Makandiwa Warns ED

The president of Malawi Lazarus Chakwera has caused a stir on social media after announcing a national day of prayer following the devaluation of the Malawi Kwacha currency last month.

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Malawi President Lazarus Chakwera is set to lead his country in a day of prayer Thursday, December 7.

Following the devaluation of the Malawi Kwacha by 44% last month and the resultant rise in the cost of living, Lazarus Chakwera has called on all Malawians to pray for the revival in the economy.

Lazarus Chakwera national day of prayer has come under massive scrutiny.

Social media users questioned the reason and purpose behind hosting a national day of prayer and how that is going to solve inflation and bad currency.

Netizens argued that a day of prayer was not going to solve anything.

They asserted that he should avoid lavish trips, luxurious dinners, and motorcades, as well as reduce all forms of spending instead of hosting a national day of prayer.

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United Family International Church (UFIC) founder Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa has cautioned President Emmerson Mnangagwa against making life tougher for ordinary Zimbabweans just trying to make ends meet.

Chakwera Prays for Kwacha | Makandiwa Warns ED

Makandiwa’s warning comes hot on the heels of Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube unveiling the 2024 national budget, which has faced widespread criticism for being ‘anti-people’.

The budget introduced a slew of taxes, including a wealth tax and a sugar tax, leaving many discontented.

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In a recent sermon, Makandiwa encouraged his followers to venture into business to secure their livelihoods. He urged them to speak up when the government enforces challenging policies hindering their operations.

Emmanuel Makandiwa went on to announce that he plans to have a candid conversation with President Mnangagwa, cautioning him that persisting with policies that make life difficult for Zimbabweans may lead to a dire prophecy.

He urged the Zanu PF government to allow its citizens to take care of their families.

Vanopopota vachipopota. Vanotaura vachitaura. Endai munoita mari.

Itai mari. Pamunenge maita matambudziko muchiomeserwa nehurumende musavhare muromo, taurai.

Mundiudza ndonovaudza ava kuti ‘mukaramba muchidai tinopa chimwe chiporofita futi.

Tinopa chimwe chiporofita.

Regedzai vanhu vasimuke. Vanhu vakomborerwe. Vanhu vachengete mhuri dzavo.


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