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Foreigners Involved in Kadoma Robberies

The foreign nationals and their deceased accomplices are connected to robbery cases in the town.

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Foreigners Involved in Kadoma Robberies

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) arrested two foreign nationals for armed robbery.

In a dramatic turn of events, their three partners-in-crime tragically lost their lives during a fierce gun battle in Kadoma.

Chitungwiza Love Proposal Turns into Robbery

The identities of the apprehended foreign nationals remain undisclosed, but their capture was made possible thanks to a tip-off received by the diligent detectives from CID Homicide in Bulawayo.

Following their arrest, the culprits confessed to their involvement in a string of armed robberies that plagued the city.

The foreigners then provided information about a planned robbery in collaboration with three accomplices—Peter Ngulube, Shylock Makoni, and Tendai Madiki.

Accompanied by the detectives, the foreign nationals led the way to Tandara Shopping Centre in Ingezi Kadoma, where they successfully identified their partners-in-crime, cruising in a silver Toyota Raider D4D with the registration number AFR 4376.

The suspects opened fire whilst speeding off and a shootout ensued.

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Foreigners Involved in Kadoma Robberies

In the aftermath of the chaotic scene, the detectives meticulously combed through the suspects’ vehicle, unearthing a chilling array of weaponry and tools: an A.38 Smith and Wilson Revolver, accompanied by a single round and seven spent cartridges, two gas-operated pellet guns, a bolt cutter, a crowbar, a machete, a pepper spray canister, two balaclavas, and three pairs of woollen gloves.

Tragically, Peter Ngulube and Shylock Makoni sustained severe injuries during the shootout and were promptly rushed to Kadoma General Hospital.

However, their injuries proved fatal, and they were pronounced dead. Tendai Madiki attempted a desperate escape during a subsequent investigation in Muzvezve, Kadoma.

His flight was cut short as he was shot and, like his fallen comrades, was pronounced dead upon arrival at Kadoma General Hospital.

National Police Spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed that these two foreign nationals and their deceased accomplices are connected to a total of five robbery cases.

Robbers Assaulted & Burnt Alive

Notable incidents include the theft of 26 HP laptops worth US$13,000.00 from Inyanda High School, Gwabalanda, on September 9, 2023, as well as a robbery on September 13, 2023, at Ingwengwe Primary School, Bulawayo, where a sum of US$1,253.00 cash was stolen.

In a separate ongoing investigation, authorities are looking into their possible involvement in the theft of solar panels from Queen Elizabeth Primary School in Illanda, Bulawayo, on September 15, 2023.


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