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Small-house Sues Boyfriend’s Wife for Stalking

"I want her to delete my pictures on her phone and to stop posting my pictures on social media" - Fabina

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Small-house Sues Boyfriend’s Wife for Stalking

DARING woman has taken legal action against her boyfriend’s wife for posting her pictures on social media and stalking her.

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Fabina Charuwanza accuses Stella Mwenda of breach of peace.

Mwenda’s husband has not been coming home for four months.

Charuwanza said:

I want her to delete my pictures on her phone and to stop posting my pictures on social media.

I didn’t know that they are lawfully wedded because I saw his profile in a singles WhatsApp group.

Mwenda did not oppose the peace order application but noted that she only posted the pictures after searching her home to find Charuwanza’s address.

Mwenda has three children with her husband. Mwenda said:

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She is my husband’s girlfriend and I wedded at Rotten Row and they said that it is a one wife marriage act and if I find my husband cheating, I should sue his girlfriend.

My husband hasn’t been coming home for four months now.

We haven’t been intimate with my husband because of her.

I have three children with my husband and she needs to know that. I’m not his ex-wife as she put it in her submissions.

Magistrate Sharon Mashavira granted Charuwanza the peace order.


Small-house Sues Boyfriend’s Wife for Stalking

Bulawayo Police are appealing for information that could lead to the arrest of a 23 year old Trish Ndlovu of Nkulumane Suburb who stabbed her husband and later died in the early hours of Wednesday over an undisclosed matter.

The deceased, Hillary Mugiyo, was also 23 year old.

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Bulawayo’s acting Provincial Police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Nomalanga Msebele confirmed the incident and said Ndlovu is on the run. Msebele said:

On 6 December 2023, around 2am, a neighbour to the couple was awakened by noises coming from the couple’s house.

The neighbour proceeded to their house and discovered a pool of blood in the passage and also in the spare bedroom.

He asked Ndlovu, who was inside the house, what had happened and she revealed that she had a fight with Mugiyo over an undisclosed issue.

According to Asst. Inspector Msebele, Ndlovu stated she had stabbed Mugiyo with a kitchen knife once on the neck and that he was outside the house.

The neighbour went to check on Mugiyo and found him lying on the ground facing upwards while blood was oozing from the neck, and he was still showing signs of life.

While the neighbour tried to seek help for Mugiyo, Ndlovu disappeared from the scene and her whereabouts are still not known.


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