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Austerity Minister Mthuli Gets Dubious Award

He was named African Minister of the year by Global Reputable Forum a shadowy entity run by some Nigerian random

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Austerity Minister Mthuli Gets Dubious Award

Finance, Economic Development and Investment Promotion Minister Professor Mthuli Ncube has been voted the best African Finance Minister of the Year and named among 100 Most Reputable People at the two-day Global Reputation Forum, Reputable Bank and Fintech Awards held in Westminster, England, yesterday.

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Prof Ncube, who presented a paper and gave a keynote address at the forum, was presented with the award after the Reputation Poll International recognised the Second Republic for managing to grow the economy by over three percent even after the devastating Covid-19 era.

Crucially, the recognition was in light of Zimbabwe having used its resources to fight and contain the Covid-19 pandemic and shown high levels of resilience to become one of the fastest growing economies in Sub-Saharan Africa in the last three years.

Austerity Minister Mthuli Gets Dubious Award

While presenting Prof Ncube with the award, Reputation Poll International chairman, Lord John Waverly said:

In today’s rapidly evolving financial landscape, the convergence of technology and banking has given rise to a new era of financial management challenges and the Zimbabwean Minister, with a shoe-string budget, managed to fight the Covid-19 pandemic with the Government and country recording minimal Covid-19-related human deaths.”

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A user, Ngonidzashe commented:

We have a serious issue here guys that a whole national newspaper ran a headline of Mthuli getting the best finance minister from africa award. The awarding company has total assets of £1800.00 and total net assets of -£51000. The company is owned by a 38 year old Nigerian who was appointed in March 2022 and has 1 employee. This is scary.

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Award-winning journalist Hopewell Chin'ono also commented:

This is the balance sheet of the organisation that gave Mthuli Ncube an award as Africa’s best Finance Minister🤣🤣🤣

Mthuli is too playful, why does a professor embarrass himself like this buying awards? Shame!

We live in the 21st century where all this stuff can easily be checked folks!


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