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Dandemutande Announces Partnership with Starlink

Some people are buying and reselling the Starlink kits in Zimbabwe for a staggering US$1200

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Dandemutande Announces Partnership with Starlink

Telecommunications service provider Dandemutande has announced a new deal to bring Starlink to Zimbabwe.

Zimbabweans have eagerly anticipated the coming of Starlink to Zimbabwe.

POTRAZ Threatens to Arrest Starlink Users

Starlink is a low latency, broadband internet system by SpaceX that uses a constellation of low Earth orbit satellites to provide fast and reliable internet to remote areas.

In September, Information Minister Jenfan Muswere said Starlink had applied to provide its service in Zimbabwe:

What I remember is that they (Starlink) submitted their application for licencing, and POTRAZ was still going through that application. Of course, we want to see it approved.”

Days later, Starlink started taking orders from Zimbabwe, announcing that it would begin operating in the second quarter of 2024.

Dandemutande Announces Partnership with Starlink

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Customers needed to pay a US$9 deposit to secure their place. Currently, Starlink is saying regarding Zimbabwe:

Zimbabwe, Order now to reserve your Starlink. Starlink is targeting service in your area starting in Q3 2024. Availability is subject to regulatory approval. Within each coverage area, orders are fulfilled on a first-come, first-served basis.”

Last month, Minister of ICT, Postal, and Courier Services Tatenda Mavetera gave a different message from Muswere’s:

The position with Starlink is that they communicated that they are willing to engage the Zimbabwe Government. They are yet to make a formal application and have not yet paid the application fee.”

Zimbabweans have, however, not waited for the Government to approve Starlink. They are already purchasing kits from countries like Mozambique and Zambia.

Some people are buying and reselling the Starlink kits in Zimbabwe for a staggering US$1200. Zambians are ordering the service for US$424.

Recently, Dandemutande announced that it is now in partnership with Starlink. The company’s chief financial officer, Ignatius Mpando, said:

Starlink has launched disruptive technology. As a business, we provide services through strategic partnerships with other players. In fact, for the record, we have signed an agreement with Starlink to be able to resell their services in the country.”


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