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Jah Prayzah 'Walletically' Causes Stir

Netizens expressed disappointment at Jah Prayzah for releasing a music video which they claimed was too explicit and raunchy

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Jah Prayzah ‘Walletically' Causes Stir

Multi-award-winning contemporary musician Jah Prayzah is trending on social media following the release of his new music video, “Walletically”.

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Jah Prayzah’s explicit new music video “Walletically” has come under scrutiny and has also sparked a storm on social media.

Jah Prayzah finally released the music video for his track ‘Walletically’ which he claims was inspired by social media socialite Mabrijo.

The song is from his critically acclaimed recent album ‘Maita Baba.’ Seeing as it was the festive season, Jah Prayzah decided to drop the much-anticipated music video on Christmas day.

His music video, however, left many people disappointed and unimpressed.

Jah Prayzah’s music video has sparked a wave of criticism on social media.

Netizens expressed disappointment at Jah Prayzah for releasing a music video which they claimed was too explicit and raunchy.

Netizens questioned how such a talented artist switched from mastery to debauchery.

They argued that, for an artist who is already a big brand, he does not have to release nudity or such raunchy videos for traction.

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His fans advised him to delete the music video.


Former Vice President’s wife, Marry Mubaiwa, has dropped a bombshell regarding her ex-husband, VP Chiwenga, and his new Wife, Colonel Miniyothabo Chiwenga’s relationship timeline.

Jah Prayzah ‘Walletically' Causes Stir

Taking to X, Marry ranted a day after the Vice President married his new wife. In her rant, she shared that Chiwenga started her relationship with Colonel Miniyothabo when they were legally married.

Mubaiwa goes on to share that she was made to believe that Minnie was a Chinese student when she was allowed access to Chiwenga when he was sick.

According to ZimLive, Colonel Miniyothabo was one of the few people allowed to visit Chiwenga in hospital after he was airlifted to China in 2019.

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This was after his then-wife, Marry Mubaiwa, was banished from visiting him on allegations of plotting to kill him in South Africa.

During the wedding reception on the 23rd, it was shared that VP Chiwenga and Miniyothabo started dating when he was still the Minister of Defence.

According to VP Chiwenga’s marriage history, he was still married to Marry Mubaiwa when he was Defence Minister and this supported Marry Mubaiwa’s allegations.


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