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Men-in-Black Attempt to Abduct Trio in Chinhoyi

The three boys were gathering grass feed for their rabbits on the outskirts of Rusununguko suburb

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Men-in-Black Attempt to Abduct Trio in Chinhoyi

In a harrowing incident that sent shockwaves through Chinhoyi, three young boys, aged between 11 and 13, narrowly escaped from a chilling abduction attempt.

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Unknown assailants abducted the three boys while they innocently gathered grass feed for their rabbits on the outskirts of Rusununguko suburb.

According to a leaked internal police memorandum obtained by, the minors, whose identities remain undisclosed for security reasons, found themselves at the mercy of an unknown assailant wielding a machete.

Whilst they were busy gathering the grass, they were approached by one unknown adult male who was holding a machete, and he ordered them to walk in a single file in front of him, and they complied for fear of their lives.”

The assailant forced the boys to march over 10 kilometres to a secluded area, where two additional male adults, all dressed in black attire and masks, tied up the victims’ hands and legs before placing them in sacks inside an unregistered black Caravan kombi.

Men-in-Black Attempt to Abduct Trio in Chinhoyi

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Reports indicate that the assailants, demanding possessions and valuables, subjected the terrified boys to a traumatic experience.

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The unexpected voices nearby thwarted the kidnappers’ plans, as stated in the memo. This led them to momentarily leave the scene unattended.

Seizing the opportunity, the courageous boys managed to escape from their captors’ grasp.

After bolting from the site, the boys promptly reported the incident to the ZRP Chikonohono Base, triggering a police response.

Despite the ordeal, the value of stolen property amounted to a mere US$35, with nothing recovered at the scene.

This miraculous escape has left the community reeling and authorities intensifying efforts to apprehend the perpetrators.


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