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Police Officer Dies in Freak Block Accident

"The officer died after being hit by a wheel that had dislodged from the trailer of a haulage truck" - Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi

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Police Officer Dies in Freak Block Accident

A freak accident unfolded along the Harare-Mutare Road, claiming the life of a dedicated female officer from the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) who was at the roadblock.

The tragic event occurred at the 51-kilometre peg on New Year’s Eve, sending shockwaves through the community and law enforcement.

Reports from the ZRP unveiled the heart-wrenching accident where a haulage truck, identified by its registration number ACZ 3265 and owned by Shereni Transport, experienced a dislodgement of a trailer wheel.

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This unanticipated event led to an unimaginable tragedy as the loose wheel struck the officer while she was positioned at the side of the road. The ZRP confirmed the sorrowful turn of events, stating:

The ZRP confirms the unfortunate death of a Police officer at the 51-kilometre peg along Harare-Mutare Road when a haulage truck… dislodged a trailer wheel. The wheel hit the female Police officer who was standing on the left side of the road. She passed on, on admission at Borradale Hospital.”

Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, the National Police Spokesperson for the ZRP, officially acknowledged the grievous loss, affirming that the incident transpired during New Year’s Eve at a roadblock in Marondera.

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He expressed profound sadness over the officer’s demise, affirming the sequence of events:

“A police officer died on New Year’s Eve following an accident at a roadblock in Marondera along the Harare – Mutare highway. The officer died after being hit by a wheel that had dislodged from the trailer of a haulage truck. She was rushed to a local hospital but died on admission.”

Nyathi assured the public that a thorough investigation is underway to uncover every detail surrounding this heart-rending incident.

Police Officer Dies in Freak Block Accident

He reassured the community that more information would be shared as the investigation progresses.

The untimely loss of a dedicated officer has plunged the ZRP into mourning. Colleagues and the community alike mourn the tragic passing of this valiant officer. Assistant Commissioner Nyathi reiterated:

“We are deeply saddened by the loss of our colleague in such a tragic manner. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family during this difficult time.


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