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Holy Ten & Michael Magz in Nasty Exchange

Mujaya erased all trace of Michael Magz from his life by removing Magz’s name from all their works

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Holy Ten & Michael Magz in Nasty Exchange

The beef between Holy Ten and his former Samanyanga Sounds signee Michael Magz has taken a turn for the worse.

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Holy Ten and Michael Magz seemed inseparable and destined for the stars as the dynamic duo, The New Bhundu Boyz but as the age-old adage goes, nothing lasts forever.

In a move that left many people with more questions than answers, Holy Ten released a statement announcing that Michael Magz was no longer part of his record label Samanyanga Sounds.

The Risky Life hitmaker claimed that Michael Magz’s one-year contract had come to an end.

What could have been an amicable separation took a bitter turn with Holy Ten’s release of “We Don’t Do That Here,” a diss track targeting not only Michael Magz but Ibotso collaborator Winky D and the mother of his firstborn son Chelsea on the track.

Holy Ten & Michael Magz in Nasty Exchange

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In retaliation, Michael Magz came out guns blazing on a track titled New Chapter.

In an unreleased verse on Gore Remix, Michael Magz went for broke and launched a scathing attack on Holy Ten’s wife Kimberly Richard.

Rather than responding with more diss tracks, Holy Ten opted for a surprising move.

He erased any trace of Michael Magz from his life by removing Magz’s name from all their collaborative and solo works, both as artists and as The New Bhundu Boyz.

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In response to this development, Michael Magz remained unfazed, stating that removing his name from the tracks wouldn’t erase his vocals from the masterpieces they had created together.

Morning Chero ukabvisa my name ziva kuti Audio haibve ndosaka. Holy removed my name on the tracks l featured on YouTube“.


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