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Hamas Deploying Children to the Frontlines

More than 170 minors are working for Hamas and the Islamic Jihad throughout Gaza

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Hamas Deploying Children to the Frontlines

Israel claims Hamas has been training children to join their campaign of terror and has even deployed the youngsters to the frontlines to “deliver messages and ammunitions.”

Hamas Using Hospitals as Terror Bases

Israel Defense Force (IDF) released photos Wednesday that show the aspiring child soldiers posing alongside Hamas terrorists while holding semi-automatic weapons and manning deadly rocket launchers.

Terrorism is not innate, it is learned,” IDF wrote in a post on X, alongside a video of children running through Hamas tunnels.

During the ongoing war, Hamas has positioned children on the frontlines, sending them to deliver messages and ammunition while its operatives hide in shelters.”

IDF claimed Gazan children are taught in “schools, youth movements, and summer camps” that “killing Jews and Israelis is justified.”

Hamas runs summer camps, in which the children learn to shoot weapons, attack from a tunnel, fight against tanks and kidnap soldiers. The camps are early stages for military training in Hamas and integration into the military wing,” IDF told Fox News Digital.

The Israeli military also said Gazan children are “trained to fight in tunnels, shoot, and [to] kidnap.” The kids are handed explosives to hide and deliver to Hamas operatives to ambush Israel soldiers.

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Hamas Deploying Children to the Frontlines

The footage was reportedly taken in Khan Younis in Gaza, IDF told Fox News.

The transfer of explosives from place to place in Gaza by children, in vegetable bags and placing them in the Hamas ambushes,” IDF told the outlet.

Also, children are sent to the battlefields after an attack in order to assess the damage and report it to the terrorists who are hiding in shelters.

IDF claims that more than 170 minors are working for Hamas and the Islamic Jihad throughout Gaza, it told Fox.

The revelation comes after Hamas claimed Israeli forces killed senior official Saleh al-Arouri, who was considered one of the founding members of the terrorist group.

Israel has not confirmed that Arouri was assassinated, but said they are “in a very high state of readiness in all arenas, in defense and offense.”

We are highly prepared for any scenario. The most important thing to say tonight is that we are focused and remain focused on fighting Hamas,” IDF spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari said on X.

Source| NY Post


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