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Video's Leak in Saintfloew's Babymama Drama

Pearl Chinyanga is mum to Saintfloew's 2-year-old child named Tawananyasha

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Video's Leak in Saintfloew's Babymama Drama

It’s alleged Saintfloew, a popular rapper and producer, has recently ended his relationship with Pearl Chinyanga on a very bad note, the mother of his child.

Leaked: Saintfloew Ghosting on Pregnant Girl

He proposed to model and actress Beverly Manyarara on a romantic trip to Tanzania, and the two have announced their engagement.

Videos of the engagement flooded social media where he propose to Pearl while having a great time.

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It is believed that they are parents to a 2-year-old child named Tawananyasha.

Pearl Chinyanga, Saintfloew's Baby mama

Video's Leak in Saintfloew's Babymama Drama

The award-winning artist promised Pearl marriage, but Pearl has been living with her mother as she waits for her King to arrive.

She was shocked to discover him making love to Bev even though she was the one who had been promised, and it is thought that they were still together.


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