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Funani Almost Killed Girlfriend & Her Mother

Penelope described her year-long relationship with Funani as a “living hell” filled with fear and agony.

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Funani Almost Killed Girlfriend & Her Mother

A Zimbabwean woman, Penelope’ Penny’ Chadambura, nearly died after being beaten to a pulp by her South African boyfriend in front of his family together with her mother.

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Recent disturbing events have brought Luzuko Lincorn “Feleba” Funani, the former head coach of the Worcester Spurs Football Club (WSFC), into the spotlight.

Luzuko is allegedly involved in a case of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) against his girlfriend, Penelope “Penny” Chadambura.

The shocking details of the incident surfaced on social media through a series of viral screenshots, revealing the brutal assault suffered by Chadambura and her mother at the hands of Funani.

In an exclusive interview with Zimbabwe Reports, Chadambura described her year-long relationship with Funani as a “living hell” filled with fear and agony.

She shared:

He used to attack me every month after consuming alcohol and drugs. If he assaulted me, he would lock the door, and attempting to escape meant facing further brutal beatings to ensure I wouldn’t report him.”

What was anticipated to be a joyous family dinner to welcome the New Year turned into a night of terror for the Chadambura family.

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Funani Almost Killed Girlfriend & Her Mother

Recounting the horrifying incident, Penny explained:

On the way back home that night, he started assaulting me in the car, forcing the driver to stop and take us back to his family in Matsila, where he nearly killed us in front of his relatives.”

The 32-year-old Zimbabwean beauty therapist sustained severe injuries due to Funani’s brutal actions.

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At the same time, her mother endured three head wounds and several hand injuries while trying to protect her daughter from the aggressor.

His family did nothing to intervene, even when he pulled out a knife from the kitchen cupboard to attack me. If not for my mother’s intervention, I might not be alive today.

Last week, Funani, the former Spurs striker and head coach, was arrested on Monday following the cruel and brutal incidents.

He is currently held at Robertson Prison under strict supervision, awaiting his debut court appearance scheduled for the 17th of January at the Worcester Magistrate Court.

Penny’s sister expressed gratitude to Warrant Officer Mavata for her diligent efforts in ensuring Funani’s arrest and supporting the family during this challenging time.


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