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Money-changer Found Dead in Maize Field

Chada's car was later found in Dema dumped and burnt

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Money-changer Found Dead in Maize Field

A money-changer based in Norton was attacked and murdered by unknown assailants, and his car was stolen on Friday, raising panic in the Norton area.

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The money changer Munyaradzi Chidangachidye, famously known as Chada’s body, was discovered in a maize field in a pool of blood with head injuries.

His car was stolen, but he still had the money he was carrying on him when he was discovered.

The car was found days later in Dema dumped and burnt. This has further baffled residents and led to questioning of the assailants’ motive and if it was just to kill Chada.

A resident of the small town shared that the community now lives in fear after the murder of one of their own.

Money-changer Found Dead in Maize Field

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Caleb Mapasure told H-Metro that according to the details of the robbery and findings, the motive of the killers is not clear especially because they left the money.

He further went on to say that maybe they were after the car that they stole. According to Mapasure, Chada was doing well in business, and his car had recently been bought.

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According to the Norton resident, Chada was not just a money-changer and had opened a business in Norton, so he was doing well financially.

Chada was also known as polite and kind and did not show any violence in his dealings.

We suspect that the murderers could have been following him and wanted his vehicle.’

Chada’s body was taken to Parirenyatwa for a post-mortem before he was taken to his rural home in Bikita for burial.


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