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Schools Charged for Turning Away Kids over Fees

“No results should be withheld and no learner should be turned away from school regarding fees payment" - Torerayi Moyo, Primary & Secondary Education Minister

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Schools Charged for Turning Away Kids over Fees

GOVERNMENT has charged more 23 schools countrywide for turning away learners for fees, demanding fees in United States dollars and conducting extra lessons, among others.

Wise Owl Torches School Fees Storm

The charges included turning away pupils over a US$5 toilet fee, demanding US$20 for extra lessons per month, conducting illegal extra lessons, turning away pupils over non-payment of levies, demanding exclusively US dollar fee payment and hiking fees without approval the government.

Primary and Secondary Education Minister Torerayi Moyo said:

The contract for examinations is between the Zimbabwe Schools Examination Council and learners (candidate), on school fees, the contract is between parents or guardians and the school.

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“No results should be withheld and no learner should be turned away from school regarding fees payment. Schools must find other ways to get the tuition fee from parents and guardians. This is not to say parents must not pay school fees.”

Schools Charged for Turning Away Kids over Fees

The 23 schools were:

  1. Parirewa Primary and Secondary,
  2. Kudzanai Primary,
  3. Kuredza Primary,
  4. Kuwadzana 6 Primary,
  5. Allan Wilson High School,
  6. Chinhoyi 2 High,
  7. Mhanyame Primary,
  8. Chirorodziva,
  9. Tafara Primary,
  10. Helwyn Primary,
  11. Biri Primary,
  12. Kasimure Primary,
  13. Maumbe Primary,
  14. Magunje High,
  15. Norton Intellect Primary,
  16. Strathdon Secondary,
  17. Negomo Secondary,
  18. Mhuriimwe Secondary,
  19. Tendai Primary,
  20. Glenview 2 high,
  21. Chiri Government and
  22. Hatcliffe High schools.

Commenting on the issue of schools selling uniforms at their premises, Moyo said schools should not force parents to buy uniforms they felt were highly priced.

I have received reports of some schools forcing parents to buy uniforms from them. Parents and guardians are free to purchase uniforms where they find cheaper. If your school is innovative (by producing) uniforms, the price should be reasonable and not by force.

Last year, one school was at loggerheads with a parent after the later bought uniforms for his two children from outside the school resulting in the school terminating enrollment of his children over the matter.


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