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Makandiwa Painstakingly Defends TB Joshua

He revealed that he declined an invitation to visit TB Joshua in Nigeria

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Makandiwa Painstakingly Defends TB Joshua

Emmanuel Makandiwa, the founder of the United Family International Church (UFIC), has staunchly defended the late controversial Nigerian televangelist TB Joshua against allegations made in the BBC documentary.

TB Joshua Exposé: Prophet Tortured Daughter

Makandiwa criticized the credibility of a recent BBC documentary that alleged TB Joshua staged fake miracles, practised dark occultic rituals, s_exual and physically abused his disciples.

In a video on his YouTube channel, “Lessons from TB Joshua and the BBC documentary,” Prophet Makandiwa expressed scepticism towards the accusations.

Emmanuel Makandiwa contested the allegations, stating that the documentary lacked thorough investigation and did not offer tangible evidence

There is nothing investigative about the documentary. There is no proof whatsoever”.

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Makandiwa Painstakingly Defends TB Joshua

Makandiwa raised doubts about the credibility of those who asserted witnessing TB Joshua partake in rituals, emphasizing the need for incontrovertible evidence to support such claims.

He further argued that if the allegations of TB Joshua’s involvement in dark occultic rituals were true, he would still be alive today.

You have a man that they say was a ritualist, he is into witchcraft, he is into dark arts, he is a wizard…they have said all sorts of things about the man including in this documentary that has recently come out. You then question yourself and say, ‘Where is the truth in this?

TB Joshua Secretly Committed Sexual Crimes

Makandiwa disclosed that although he has never met TB Joshua in person, he has spoken to him over the phone on several occasions.

Additionally, he revealed that he declined an invitation to visit TB Joshua in Nigeria, without specifying the exact reason for his decision.


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