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Hubby Batters Wife on Suspicion of Infidelity

Ndlovu reportedly struck Anita with fists, assaulting and strangling her.

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Hubby Batters Wife on Suspicion of Infidelity

A man, unable to bear the thought of his wife’s alleged betrayal, violently attacked her, beating her in a moment of rage.

Infidelity: Man Sets Relative On Fire

The man, identified as Evidence Ndlovu (37) from North End, found himself unable to control his anger after he thought his wife was having extra-marital affairs.

The wife found herself at the centre of a horrifying assault that resulted in her husband’s arrest on charges of domestic violence.

Appearing before Magistrate Maxwell Ndlovu at the Tredgold Building in Bulawayo, Ndlovu pleaded guilty to the charges.

On the evening of December 20th, around 7 pm, Ndlovu engaged in a heated argument with his wife, Anita Nkiwane (35), centred around suspicions of infidelity.

Hubby Batters Wife on Suspicion of Infidelity

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According to reports, the dispute quickly escalated, leading to a distressing turn of events.

Allegedly, Ndlovu compelled Nkiwane to undress, forcefully restraining her and subjecting her to a relentless physical assault.

The attack didn’t stop there; Ndlovu reportedly continued to strike her with his fists, assaulting her body and endangering her life by throttling her.

In a case of passion gone wrong, a man recently killed his side chick after he suspected her of infidelity.

The man known as Mandla, a Liquor shop manager, regretted spoiling his girlfriend Pre. He said he would send her on vacations and pay her bills.

Soldier Found Dead After Domestic Dispute over Phone

Mandla then killed Pre after allegedly catching that she was unfaithful. After he did the gruesome act, Mandla tried to flee to South Africa but was involved in an accident along Beitbridge Road.

He lost his life on the scene and left a Voice Note as a confession of what he had done.


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