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CCC Tasks Jameson Timba to Engage Chamisa

Several factions have emerged since Chamisa’s resignation but it seems the dominant faction is still sympathetic to the founding president

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CCC Task Jameson Timba to Engage Chamisa

CCC Citizens National Assembly met today to discuss the resignation of Nelson Chamisa.

Acting CCC Leader Mkwananzi Demands Sikhala’s Release

Some of those close to Nelson Chamisa wanted Jameson Timba to be the acting President.

The CCC Citizens National Assembly pushed back on the suggestion, and eventually settled on a committee chaired by Jameson Timba to engage Nelson Chamisa on his resignation.

The CCC Citizens National Assembly argued that Chamisa only tendered his resignation on Twitter, and not the party.

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The CNA did not articulate how they will tackle the imposter Sengezo Tshabangu and the other faction that is pushing for adoption of 2019 structures.

In recent days, three camps have emerged since the resignation of Nelson Chamisa:

CCC Task Jameson Timba to Engage Chamisa

  1. The Tshabangu imposter faction made up of a few Bulawayo-based nonentities which has been recalling elected officials is largely dependent on the judiciary and no real power or influence beyond that.
  2. The veterans faction made up mainly of long-time opposition members dubbed the Maruva cabal which is believed to have connived with Tshabangu to effect recalls. It is linked to several party bigwigs from the MDC Alliance.
  3. The third faction remains sympathetic to Nelson Chamisa and have decided to take the other two factions head on. From today's CNA resolutions, it seems this is the dominant faction.

In a press statement after the CNA meeting, Promise Mkwananzi summarised the resolutions made by the CNA:

  1. We will Never surrender the struggle to Zanu PF
  2. We will do anything to protect the party
  3. CNA remains behind President Nelson Chamisa
  4. Champions urged to continue executing duties

The CNA also left the door open for those who have left including Fadzayi Mahere who resigned from her position as MP for Mt Pleasant Constituency.


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