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UK-based Zimbo Wife Seeking Hubby's Deportation

Rutendo accused Simbarashe of raping and physically abusing her

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UK-based Zimbo Wife Seeking Hubby's Deportation

According to reports, Simbarashe Simbaneuta moved to the UK in August 2022 and made it possible for his wife Rutendo Dzikiti to join him in April of the previous year.

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Simbarashe and Rutendo were at each other’s throats in less than three months, which led to the husband’s incarceration.

Rutendo accused Simbarashe of raping and physically abusing her, and she denounced him to the police.

Rutendo is accused by the Simbaneuta family of attempting to establish justification for Simbarashe’s expulsion.

A Zimbabwean, Simbaneuta family member informed H-Metro that the issue has caused a great deal of animosity between the two families.

We believe Rutendo is only interested in Simbarashe’s deportation. We are sorry for their move to the UK; it destroyed their marriage and caused a rift between their two families. But all we can do is hope that justice is served.”

The relative replied, “It is not easy to be tried in a foreign court.”

UK-based Zimbo Wife Seeking Hubby's Deportation

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Meanwhile …

A tragic incident occurred when the body of three-year-old Girl Caroline Makubhakwa was found near Mavhuradonha Mountain in Mbire.

Her body, with some parts missing, was discovered at the bottom of the mountain.

The police suspect it may have been a ritual killing, but they are also considering the possibility that wild animals may have harmed her.

Caroline had gone missing on January 17, 2024, after leaving her grandmother’s house to play under a nearby tree in Mhokwe Village, Mushumbi.

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As investigations continue, the police will provide more information.

In a separate incident, two intoxicated men from Zhombe drowned in a dam while swimming. Mbon’eni Mpofu (20) and Thamsanqa Sibanda (38) lost their lives in Ncinya Village, Zhombe, on the afternoon of January 29, 2024.

The police recovered their bodies from Mhazhe Dam.


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