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Dad Ends Son's Life Over Mum's Hairstyle

Tinashe Nyamutambo, forced his 2-year-old son Junior to drink a mixture of Maheu and rat poison

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Dad Ends Son's Life Over Mum's Hairstyle

A two-year-old child is currently fighting for his life after being intentionally poisoned by his own father.

The father poisoned his son following a heated argument with his mother over her hairstyle.

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The young boy, Junior Nyamutambo, was urgently rushed to Sally Mugabe Central Hospital after his father, Tinashe Nyamutambo, forced him to drink a mixture of Maheu and rat poison.

The dispute arose when Tinashe and his wife, Trish Tsabora, 21, got into a disagreement over her chosen hairstyle.

Overwhelmed by anger, Trish gathered her belongings and decided to seek refuge at her mother’s, leaving their two-year-old son in the care of his father.

Tinashe allegedly poisoned Junior before disappearing from the scene.

In response to inquiries by H-Metro, Acting Harare provincial police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Faith Mapisa confirmed the distressing incident and urged the public to provide any information that could assist to Tinashe’s arrest.

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Police are investigating an attempted murder case involving a minor child.

Dad Ends Son's Life Over Mum's Hairstyle

Assistant Inspector Mapisa shared further details, explaining that the couple had a dispute on Sunday around lunchtime.

Tinashe accused his wife of disrespecting him and expressed his desire to cut off her hair, which he believed was the cause of her misbehaviour.

Refusing his proposal, Trish promptly gathered her belongings and sought refuge at her mother’s residence in Epworth, leaving her son under Tinashe’s care.

Circumstances are that on January 28, and at around 1300 hours, accused was at his place of residence together with his wife. The accused told his wife that she was disrespecting him and he wanted to trim her hair since he believed that it was making her misbehave. His wife did not consent to the idea of her hair being trimmed and she packed her bags and went to her mother’s house in Garan’anga, Overspill, in Epworth, leaving her son with his father.”

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The following day around noon, Tinashe transported the child to his grandmother’s house in Mbare and departed, leaving the child in her care.

The child’s incessant cries for his mother prompted his grandmother to transport him to Epworth, where it was discovered that the child had been poisoned by his father before fleeing.


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