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Man Forces Minor to Strip & Twerk for Him

Sibanda who was wielding an axe reportedly accused her of spreading rumours that he is a rapist.

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Man Forces Minor to Strip & Twerk for Him

VILE man who allegedly threatened to kill a minor before ordering her to strip naked and twerk for him has appeared before Bulawayo regional magistrate.

Citizens Angered as Zanu-PF Rewards ‘ED Huchi' Rapist

Sydney Sibanda (22) from Insuza in Matabeleland North Province appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Collet Ncube facing a criminal insult charge and pleaded not guilty.

Sibanda was remanded in custody to 8 February for commencement of trial. He was also advised to apply for bail at the High Court.

It is alleged that on 26 November last year a 15-year-old girl dismissed from school, while she was on her way home she realised that she had left her lunch box at school and that forced her to return to the school to fetch it.

She met Sibanda who was wielding an axe and reportedly accused her of spreading rumours that he is a rapist. He ordered her to remove her clothes but she refused.

The court heard Sibanda slapped her on the face and threatened to chop her into pieces.

Gripped with fear, the girl stripped naked, and Sibanda forced her to twerk and gyrate before him.

The court heard that during the sickening act, Sibanda heard voices of people approaching the scene and he fled.

Shortly, some villagers arrived at the scene and found her in the process of wearing her school uniform.

She narrated her ordeal to them before she reported the incident to the police leading to Sibanda’s arrest.

Man Forces Minor to Strip & Twerk for Him


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A shameless attempt was made to try and alter the birth records of the teenager who died after giving birth to twins, ended with the man who raped and impregnated the deceased girl being arrested last night.

A vehicle, which was ferrying the body of the girl to Murehwa for burial, was intercepted by police and forced to return to Highlands Police Station.

That is where Tatenda Zhanje, the Glenwood man who raped and impregnated the teenage Yeukai Dandara, who died two weeks after giving birth to twins, was arrested.

Initial reports claimed Yeukai was 14 before the story changed last night amid other claims that she was 16.

Her medical records at the Sally Mugabe Hospital were altered yesterday to try and give an impression that Yeukai was 18.

Tatenda had been missing, with some relatives insinuating he went into hiding, until his appearance at Highlands Police Station.

He was not with the family when they collected Yeukai’s body from Sally Mugabe Hospital.

He first indicated that he was 24, before changing his story to say he was 22 and, when he was challenged to produce his identity card, he claimed it had been lost on his way to the police station.

Tatenda was released to allow him to bury Yeukai and is expected to report to the police on Monday for further questioning.

Prophet Walter Magaya Under Probe For Alleged Sexual Abuse

The alterations on the records at the hospital had been made to suggest that Yeukai was 18.

Some reports last night suggested that a new birth certificate was acquired for Yeukai yesterday.

Yeukai Dandara’s original birth certificate was destroyed and a new one claiming she was 18 was applied for and issued yesterday.


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