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Schweppes Hikes Mazoe Prices by 29%

A 2-litre bottle of Original Mazoe will now be priced at US$4.50, up from US$3.50

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Schweppes Hikes Mazoe Prices by 29%

Schweppes, the makers of Zimbabwe’s beloved beverage Mazoe, have announced a 29% price increase with immediate effect.

Schweppes To Resume Production Of Mazoe

In addition to Mazoe, other products under the Schweppes brand will also see price hikes.

While Schweppes Zimbabwe has not provided a specific reason for the recent increase, it is likely due to the sugar tax that has been widely discussed, as well as rising production costs.


Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube initially set the surtax on sugar at US$0.022 per gram but later reduced it to US$0.001 for specified beverages.

The Minister explained that this new tax is a response to concerns about the negative effects of consuming sugar, particularly in beverages.

According to the latest price adjustments by Schweppes, a 2-litre bottle of Original Mazoe will now be priced at US$4.50, up from US$3.50.

Schweppes Hikes Mazoe Prices by 29%

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The announcement by Schweppes has generated mixed reactions among Zimbabweans on X (formerly Twitter).

Some believe that the one-dollar increase in the price of Mazoe is unjustified and driven by corporate greed.

Others have vowed to explore alternative options to Mazoe and other Schweppes favourites like Minute Maid.

Some individuals predict that the price hike will be short-lived and anticipate a decrease within a week.

It is worth noting that the last time Schweppes hiked the price of Mazoe was in 2018, citing low foreign currency.

Youths Adding Cerevita & Mazoe in Drug Concoctions

During that period, Schweppes noted production disruptions, resulting in elevated retail prices.

Despite receiving support from banking partners, the allocations fell short of meeting demand.

Eventually, the government intervened, resulting in a price reduction.


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