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Elsa Majimbo: Exploitative Relationship with Naomi Campbell

"She made me an alcoholic and full blown depressed" - Elsa Majimbo on Naomi Campbell

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Elsa Majimbo: Exploitative Relationship with Naomi Campbell

Kenyan TikTok sensational Elsa Majimbo has opened up on her wrecked relationship with supermodel Naomi Campbell, in her confession, her life was almost ruined by the events of this friendship.

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She refutes claims that Naomi made her career saying she didn’t do much to her but at the same time acknowledges the supermodel did give her a bit of connections in Hollywood.

According to Majimbo, the incident stemmed from a seemingly pleasant encounter with Campbell in December 2020 when the supermodel visited Nairobi for leisure.

Majimbo through her TikTok page expressed her excitement at the prospect of meeting Campbell, who invited her to join her in Malindi for a vacation.

During their time together, Majimbo claimed that Campbell suggested the idea of shooting a documentary about Majimbo’s journey to America to pursue opportunities in Hollywood.

However, tensions reportedly arose when Majimbo premiered a documentary about her experiences with colorism and discrimination in Kenya without informing Campbell about the beach encounter.

Majimbo recounted a subsequent phone call from Campbell expressing outrage over not being informed about the documentary.

Elsa Majimbo: Exploitative Relationship with Naomi Campbell

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Despite attempts to explain herself, Majimbo claimed that Campbell became increasingly hostile, eventually cutting off communication.

Feeling ostracised in the industry, Majimbo admitted to struggling with the situation, even resorting to excessive drinking to cope with the stress.

Majimbo has made efforts to reconcile with Campbell, expressing gratitude for the opportunities Campbell initially provided her in the industry.

However, she clarified that their relationship remains strained, neither friends nor foes.

I’m not going to speak on that but I will say that Naomi did give me a lot of credibility especially when I first came to Hollywood.

She made me feel special she did a lot of things for me so I wouldn’t say she made me but she did play a big role in a lot of the things.

She added:

We’re not friends we’re not enemies were not anything.

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In a video posted on her TikTok page, Majimbo accused Naomi of back balling her and how the tattered nearly ruined her life, when things took toll on her with ruined relationship, she drowned in alcohol. She wrote:

From 19 years old too. She made me an alcoholic and full blown depressed. It’s now time to heal and be happy.

She added:

Talking about the Naomi Campbell situation was very hard and scary for me. But I don’t want to be owned by someone else and I want to acknowledge a lot of big hits and blows in my career came from another black woman and not my own incompetence.

On November 28, 2017, British actress Kadian Noble said during a teary-eyed press conference in Manhattan that Harvey Weinstein used Oprah Winfrey and Naomi Campbell to dupe her into thinking he would help her with her career; only to use her for sex.


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