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Wife Pours Boiling Water on Polygamous Hubby

Edmore had a heated argument with his nephew over alleged romantic affair with Vaidah, his eldest wife.

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Wife Pours Boiling Water on Polygamous Hubby

A polygamous man, Edmore Zvekare, is currently undergoing treatment for serious burns inflicted by his wife, Vaidah Mavuna.

The altercation stemmed from an accusation made by Zvekare against his nephew, whom he claimed was involved in an affair with his eldest wife, Vaidah.

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Edmore Zvekare, known for his polygamous lifestyle, found himself in the midst of a heated dispute with his nephew over alleged romantic involvement with Vaidah, his eldest wife.

In the aftermath of the confrontation, Zvekare, nursing serious burns, revealed that he had decided not to press charges against his wife.

Ehe akandipisa asi ndomuda handidi kumusungisa ndongoda kurapiswa.

Despite the severity of his injuries, Edmore Zvekare expressed his stance, stating:

I am getting treatment, and she will only need to pay for my medical bills.

Insiders suggest that Zvekare has a history of domestic violence, which may explain his reluctance to involve the authorities.

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Wife Pours Boiling Water on Polygamous Hubby

The source revealed to H-metro:

Anogara achimurova ndosaka asiri kuda kumusungisa but akakuvara.

During the confrontation with his nephew, Vaidah intervened to protect herself from the escalating conflict.

However, the fight turned to her as Zvekare shifted his focus from his nephew to attacking his wife.

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Zvekare was overpowering her, and she sought another way to defend herself.

In a desperate act of self-defence, she resorted to using boiling water, inflicting several injuries on her husband in the process.

It is essential to note that this incident highlights the complexities within polygamous relationships, often marred by jealousy, disputes, and, in extreme cases, violence.


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