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Musician BaTroy in Accident a Month After Getting Aqua

He shared images of the wreckage of his car on his social media

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Musician BaTroy in Accident a Month After Getting Aqua

Zimbabwean musician BaTroy was involved in a horrific car accident.

The singer who is well known for his hit song “Shungu Dzemoyo Wangu” was reportedly involved in an accident last night.

Olinda Steps in After Wicknell Snubbed Greatman

Details about the accident are still sketchy. However, he shared images of the wreckages of his car on his social media.

In one of the posts, he bemoaned the loss of his car, which, judging from the picture he posted, seems to have been badly damaged and is now considered a write-off.

Aqua Yangu Mhai,” he wrote.

This accident comes a month after businessman Wicknell Chivayo bought him the car.

Early this year, BaTroy made a public plea to Wicknell Chivayo to buy him a car.

In a video taken while he was in public transport, Baba Troy asked the businessman to help him with a vehicle as the way he was travelling was less than dignified.

In response, Wicknell said he was touched by the musician’s plea.

Ndiani blaz uyu ndaona video yake ndichingo pedza kunamata 5:30 a.m??? Ndanzwa tsitsi saka Chikumbiro chake chadairwa..Anopindawo mu AQUA this week isati yapera…” he wrote on his Instagram stories.

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However, Wicknell said he was discouraged by the fact that Baba Troy did not have a valid driver’s licence.

Baba Troy = No valid drivers license No provisional…

“I can’t and will never buy someone without a license a car…

“Anoita accident ofa mangwana chaiye then iyo Rolls Royce Spectre yangu yandiri kuita kurota iyi yosvika in the next few months ndino pfidza nemi ma zimba ….Taizviziva chikwambo chake chaida ropa…IM NOT READY FOR THAT NONSENSE,” he said.


Businessman and Zanu-PF politician Scott Sakupwanya has personally addressed the ongoing speculation surrounding his mental state, dismissing rumours that he has gone mad due to illicit drug use.

Musician BaTroy in Accident a Month After Getting Aqua

The rumours started circulating on social media last week, insinuating that the Member of Parliament for Mabvuku Constituency had lost his sanity as a result of drug abuse.

Sakupwanya laughed off these baseless claims and ridiculed those who were spreading them, suggesting that it is they who are abusing drugs.

He adamantly asserted that he is perfectly normal and healthy, advising rumour-mongers to find more productive ways to spend their time.

Sakupwanya went on to question the logic behind the rumours, using a touch of humour to highlight their absurdity.

He asked where anyone had ever seen a mentally unstable person playing football.

I heard rumours that I am losing my mind. Ndekupi kwamakawona munhu anopenga achitamba slug.

It is those people who have nothing to do and are abusing drugs who have the time to spread rumours like this.

Zvagara kuti manyepo anokurumidza kufamba.

People should find jobs and let me live my life in peace, as you can see I am very much normal, and nothing is wrong with me.


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