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Madam Boss Sets up GoFundMe for Self

To compete with world-renowned artists, her goal for the year 2024 is to “acquire state of the art equipment“

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Madam Boss Sets up GoFundMe for Self

Zimbabwean socialite Madam Boss has sparked controversy on social media by launching a GoFundMe fundraising campaign for herself.

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Known for her popular comedy skits, Madam Boss has created a GoFundMe with the aim of raising funds to support the growth and expansion of her comedy career.

Taking to her Facebook page, she posted the GoFundMe link. Captioning the post, she encouraged her fans and followers to donate. She wrote;

Click the link and put a dollar 💵 lets make history.

1,6 Million Celebration 🍾

Let’s go guys 👏👏🙏🙏❤️

Madam Boss’s sister, Fungai Mtisi, who also happens to be her manager, organized the GoFundMe fundraiser for her.

A statement posted on the GoFundMe page provides an explanation for the fundraiser, revealing that its purpose is to raise funds for Madam Boss to acquire state-of-the-art equipment for her comedy skits.

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Madam Boss Sets up GoFundMe for Self

Tyra has inspired many people through her comedy skits and has created a career for herself. In the quest to expand and to compete with world-renowned artists, the goal for the year 2024 is to “acquire state of the art equipment“ which will position her creativity and content to world-class standards.”

The fundraiser aims to raise at least £10, 000. At the time of writing, 31 people had donated and she has raised £275.

Madam Boss’ GoFundMe fundraiser, however, has sparked outrage on social media.

Many users are criticizing her for creating a personal GoFundMe, arguing that she is already well-off and has sufficient funds.

Netizens have accused her of greed and selfishness, pointing out that there are people who are struggling and in dire need of financial assistance.

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They have suggested that she should have used the platform to raise funds for those in need instead.

Critics stated that a GoFundMe campaign was not the best platform for her to raise funds to pursue and expand her career.


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