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IT Guru Forces Self on Friend's Niece

Upon waking up, the complainant discovered semen on her private parts, leading to the subsequent report to authorities

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IT Guru Forces Self on Friend's Niece

A 42-year-old IT manager faces allegations of raping his friend’s niece following a drinking session last weekend.

Horny Uncle Molests Niece who Asked for Transport Money

He appeared in court yesterday before magistrate Donald Ndirowei.

Malvin Nyamadzawo, the accused, was not required to enter a plea during the court session.

According to the prosecution’s case, on March 1, Nyamadzawo visited the 30-year-old complainant at her residence and persuaded her to accompany him for drinks.

The pair went to a restaurant and bar located in Eastlea, then proceeded to Londoners Bar at Strathaven Shops.

Upon their arrival at Londoners Bar, Nyamadzawo purchased three ciders for the complainant and three beers for himself.

Subsequently, he engaged in a pool tournament at the establishment.

During their time at the bar, Nyamadzawo allegedly encouraged the complainant to consume two shots of Jagermeister.

IT Guru Forces Self on Friend's Niece

At some point, she lost consciousness and only regained awareness the following day.

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Upon waking up, the complainant discovered semen on her private parts, leading to the subsequent report to authorities.

The State, represented by Lancelot Mutsokoti, presented the case against Nyamadzawo in court.

In another unrelated case, a visually impaired man from Epworth appeared in court facing charges of raping his teenage daughter.

Due to his unique circumstances, his bail considerations were postponed until today.

Additionally, a mentally-challenged man made a court appearance on charges of raping his neighbour.


Forward Mashonganyika and his niece Tendai Muswe were yesterday jailed for an effective 20 years each for trafficking three women to Oman where they were turned into se_x slaves.

The two were convicted of the three counts after a full trial before Harare regional magistrate Mrs Estere Chivasa.

For the purposes of sentencing, the first two counts were treated as one and the magistrate handed out a pair of effective 10-year terms to each of them.

Rogue Cop & Niece Trafficked Zimbo Women to Oman

Muswe is serving three years in prison for a similar offence.

The State prosecutor Mr Ngoni Kaseke proved that in February 2022, Mashonganyika connived with Tendai Muswe and Hassan Mohammed Ali based in Oman to traffic unsuspecting Zimbabwean women to that country for labour and sexual abuse.


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