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EFZ Distances Self From Fresh-Onion & POTRAZ Tiff

Fresh-Onion attacked POTRAZ Director Machengeta who claims that Zimbabwe boasts the cheapest data rates in the region

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EFZ Distances Self From Fresh-Onion & POTRAZ Tiff

Notorious “Fresh-Onion Mutasa,” self-proclaimed “Senior Deacon of Zimbabwe,” unleashed a scathing diatribe against POTRAZ’s Director General, Gift Machengeta.

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His bone of contention with POTRAZ was Machengeta’s claim that Zimbabwe boasts the cheapest data rates in the region in a bid to justify the Starlink ban.

Brandishing the stark contrast between Telkom’s 50GB offer for $12.50 in South Africa and Zimbabwe’s paltry 8GB for $13, Fresh-Onion accused Machengeta of brazenly deceiving the populace, igniting outrage and sending his youthful followers into a frenzy, baying for Machengeta’s head.

The eccentric Deacon didn’t stop there. In a surprising twist, he invoked Mnangagwa’s lion totem, fervently imploring the leader to unleash his fearsome temper and “stop them” from perpetuating the alleged deception.

Fresh-Onion exclaimed in prayerful incantations, his voice rising to a fervent pitch:

“Zvinonzi munomboshanduka kuita chikara, apa haiwa baba shandukai. Tsamwai baba tsamwai, finhwai finhwai, budai dikita nehasha, budai mututu“.

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EFZ Distances Self From Fresh-Onion & POTRAZ Tiff

However, the Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe (EFZ) was swift to distance itself from the controversial figure, casting doubt on his spiritual credibility.

Brandina Chikwepa, EFZ spokesperson, her disdain palpable said:

Firstly, there is no Senior Deacon in Zimbabwe. His name is Fresh-Onion Mutasa, and he was excommunicated by the AFM in 1995.

We categorically condemn prayers that seek to incite animosity, and such prayers may perhaps travel to his ungodly shrine, but they certainly do not go to heaven.”

Fresh-Onion’s provocative remarks have ignited a firestorm of debate, with many eagerly awaiting the complete episode of “Church and National Problems” to witness the full diatribe.

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As the nation holds its collective breath, one thing is certain: Fresh-Onion Mutasa has once again proven there is no outrageous line he will not cross, leaving a trail of gasps and giggles in his wake.


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