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Zambezi Lager Imbibers Complain of Diarrhoea

The exact cause of these symptoms is yet to be determined

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Zambezi Lager Imbibers Complain of Diarrhoea

Zambezi Larger, a popular brand in Zimbabwe, has recently faced criticism as numerous consumers have reported experiencing stomach aches and diarrhea after consuming the beverage.

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These complaints have gained traction on social media platforms, raising concerns among both consumers and health experts.

Zambezi Larger shared a post celebrating their customers on X, formerly Twitter, but the responses they got shows a great deal of dissatisfaction which may be damaging to their brand.


The increasing number of reports regarding stomach aches and diarrhea after consuming Zambezi Larger has sparked a significant debate among Zimbabweans.

While the exact cause of these symptoms is yet to be determined, several factors could contribute to this issue.

One possibility is the presence of certain ingredients or additives that may not agree with some individuals’ digestive systems.

Zambezi Lager Imbibers Complain of Diarrhoea

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Additionally, poor quality control during the production process or improper storage and handling practices could lead to contamination, resulting in adverse effects on consumers’ health.


Former police Commissioner Mekia Tanyanyiwa did the noble thing when he decided to hand over his wife to police after she reportedly stole a newborn baby.

Sakhile Tanyanyiwa aged 34 appeared before the Gweru Magistrates Court today facing charges of kidnapping an infant aged two months.

After stealing the baby from its mother in Gweru town, Sakhile had taken the child home where she misrepresented to her husband that she had given birth.

Her husband did not believe that the child was a newborn infant and doubted her story all the more when he heard that a baby had been snatched in Gweru.

The former top cop took his wife (the accused) and the baby to CID Gweru. Accused 1 was positively identified by the infant’s mother at a formal identification parade.

Ex-Cop & MSU Student Kidnap Gweru Baby

She was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment on Wednesday, of which 6 months was suspended for 5 years. She will serve 12 months imprisonment.


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