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Mkwanazi Victims' Families Didn't Know They Were Thigh Vendors

A minor said she and her siblings had no clue about their mother's line of work

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Mkwanazi Victims' Families Didn't Know They Were Thigh Vendors

The families of two of the six sex workers who were killed by Sifiso Mkhwanazi say they did not know the kind of jobs the women did until it was revealed in court.

Speaking to journalists outside the Gauteng High Court sitting in Palm Ridge yesterday, one of the sex worker's daughter, whom Sifiso Mkhwanazi admitted to killing, explained that when they were called to identify her mother, she and her other siblings pretended not recognise her at the mortuary as they were in denial.

Sifiso Mkwananzi Admits to Killing 6 Zimbo Women

Mkhwanazi was arrested in October 2022 after a pregnant sex worker was reported missing.

Searching for the missing sex worker, police followed leads and discovered a makeshift workshop in downtown Joburg near Faraday taxi rank, where they found six bodies in different stages of decomposition hidden in stationery vehicles due for repairs as well one body that was in a black trolley bin.

Family members of two of the deceased detailed how they were horrified and still in disbelief of the trauma their loved ones went through.

The minor who spoke in the presence of her guardian, said she and her siblings had no clue about the line of work their mother was doing.

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She explained that she has four other siblings but one of them died in December. She said:

We went to where we thought she worked and then we received a call that there were bodies which were found and we should come and check if she's amongst them.

We did identify them, but we said that she's not there even when we saw her.

DNA was conducted and it was confirmed she was amongst the six.

We didn't want to believe it. She told us she was coming back home.

We were waiting for her to come home, not to get her body.

She added:

It's a pain we can't. We don't even understand how we feel. It's tough because she was the breadwinner.

She was both a mother and father to us as we lost our father when we were still young.

Mkwanazi Victims' Families Didn't Know They Were Thigh Vendors

Mkhwanazi admitted to killing the deceased by shooting her once on the left side of her head and concealed the corpse in a black trolley bin.

A distraught Grace Moyo explained how her sister Joyce Moyo, who is also one of the deceased, told them she was selling Herbal Life products. Moyo said:

I last saw my sister on 1 October going to the gym. I didn't know that she was a sex worker.

As the family, we thought she was selling Herbal Life products.

We were shocked when we heard that she was a sex worker.

We didn't believe until it was revealed in court that she was indeed a sex worker.

She added that it was sad hearing that she died while working on the streets. Moyo added:

Our family back home in Zimbabwe was deeply hurt by her death. They are still in pain and are demanding justice.

I am updating them daily about the court proceedings.

They were impatient calling for the judgement date. They don't understand how courts work in South Africa.

They thought Mkhwanazi was going to be convicted on the first day of his appearance.

Moyo said if given a chance to meet Mkhwanazi, she would ask him why he killed her sister.

I would ask him who will look after my sister's children aged 7, 14 and 19.

Her children are very young, their mother looked after them.

My sister's children are aware of what happened to their mother.

We told them that their mother was killed when the police asked for their DNA samples to help in identifying her decomposed body.

My sister's children asked me why their mother was killed.

It is hard to explain to them why their mother was killed because I also don't know why she was killed.


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