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Panganai Java & Chimombe in Face Armed Robbery Charges

Andrew Manongore accuses Java & Chimombe of hiring thugs who brutally attacked him

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Panganai Java & Chimombe Face Armed Robbery Charges

Passion Java and Mike Chimombe find themselves embroiled in a scandalous incident involving an alleged armed robbery and assault at Rainbow Towers hotel in Harare.

The victim, Andrew Manongore, reportedly faced a brutal attack by unidentified assailants believed to have been acting on behalf of Java and Chimombe.

According to initial reports, the altercation erupted following derogatory remarks made by Manongore regarding Chimombe’s financial standing.

This seemingly innocuous exchange escalated into a violent confrontation, with Manongore allegedly subjected to physical assault by the hired thugs.

Unconfirmed rumors also suggest a deeper motive behind the attack, with speculation that Java may have harbored resentment towards Manongore due to his alleged association with model Hillary Makaya, reportedly linked to Java.

Panganai Java & Chimombe in Face Armed Robbery Charges

The severity of the incident is compounded by allegations that Chimombe brandished a firearm during the altercation, further escalating tensions and raising concerns about public safety.

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Harare Central Police Station has been notified of the incident under IR 030777, with investigations underway to ascertain the full extent of the assault and robbery.

Despite efforts to obtain comment from Police spokesperson Paul Nyathi, no response has been forthcoming at the time of reporting.

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The implications of Java and Chimombe’s alleged involvement in this scandal cannot be overstated, prompting calls for a thorough investigation and accountability in matters of assault and violence.

As public interest in the case intensifies, there is a growing demand for swift and transparent action to ensure justice is served.

Stay tuned as further details emerge, and authorities work to bring clarity to this distressing incident that has shaken the community and spotlighted the need for accountability in all spheres of society.

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