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10-year-old Girl Witnesses Dad Ending Mum's Life

Four bullet casings were found at the scene

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10-year-old Girl Witnesses Dad Ending Mum's Life

A 10-year-old girl witnessed her mom get shot in the head and her dad try to kill himself on Saunders Circle in Belvedere, KZN.

The Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA) Tongaat Operations Centre received numerous calls about the incident and they sent reaction officers who arrived there around 5:58 PM.

Paramedics from a Private Ambulance Service were attending the man who shot himself in the head.

They also found a woman dead with a gunshot wound in the driveway. She was the man’s wife, but they were separated.

According to reports the man works as an Armed Response Officer for a national company.

It is alleged that he came in his work uniform and car to pick up the child when they began to argue. During the argument, he shot his wife and then himself.

Four bullet casings were found at the scene. The man was severely injured and taken to the hospital.

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The child was not hurt physically but emotionally shaken and traumatized.

10-year-old Girl Witnesses Dad Ending Mum's Life


Convicted fraudster, comedian and media personality, Mai Titi, recently stirred up social media chatter with her plea request to businessman Wicknell Chivayo for a car.

Mai Titi joined a long list of Zimbabwean public figures who have embarrassingly tried their luck by reaching out to Chivayo pleading for cars.

In her social media post, Mai Titi appealed to Chivayo, asking if he would consider gifting her an Aqua car.

She mentioned that having such a vehicle would enable her to efficiently deliver her “FeliGlow Skincare” products.

Adding a touch of jest, she pointed out that despite being labeled as a “thigh vendor” associated with the ruling party, she believed she deserved a car. She wrote:

Nhai Sir Wicknel havangondipeo Aqua yacho ndikaita madeliveries eFeliGlow Skincare. Ingawani ndinongonzi hure reZanu veduweeee 😩😩😩😩. Ndangoti ndinyoreo ka history kanguo.Veduweeee ndidairireo. Hanty munogaronditi hure reZanu ndisiseio palist. Ndatenda kune vachabatsira.


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