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Sad: Sekuru Dzvokora (98) Abandoned by His 5 Children

"They accuse him of killing his children yet I know how my mother died" - Request, grandson

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Sad: Sekuru Dzvokora (98) Abandoned by His 5 Children

A 98-year-old man has been abandoned by his children and is now being taken care of by his 23-year-old grandchild.

His kids accuse him of allegedly killing their brothers and sisters.

Shereni Dzvokora, of Mashava, bore 10 children and five of them have died. His wife is also late.

His plight was exposed through a video recorded by a neighbour in which he was crying as he bemoaned his plight.

H-Metro tracked down Dzvokora and he told us:

I looked after my children but no one wants to look after me.

I am being looked after by my muzukuru, my children don’t want to come and see me.

The other child is in Bikita, the other one in Mberengwa.

Vandirasa, ndiri kuchengetwa nemwana wemwana wangu musikana akashaika.

He works hard to look after me and, at times, zvinomuomera.

Vana vacho havatode and even vasikana vasara havatode.

He added:

Ndikanyanya kufunga ndinochema but hapana zvandingaite.

I used to move around asking for help, especially for food but, now, I am too old.

They don’t come to see me and I don’t know the reason asi Mwari ndiye anoziva.

I have many girls, the only son who used to look after me died.

His grandchild, Request, who is looking after him, said:

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They accuse him of killing his children yet I know how my mother died.

There were 10 and only five are left.

I am appealing to the well-wishers to assist in helping my sekuru.

He is old and he needs help.

A neighbour, who has also been helping him, said:

Vana vavo vakashaika nekuda kwezvirwere and, during that time, there was no proper medicine.

We haven’t got information yekuti vane zvavakabata baba ava but ivo varikungonenera baba vavo, hatisati tanzwa, hatisati tazviona.

Idzo dzingori pfungwa dzavo vana, kuti baba ndivo vakauraya vamwe vavo.

Sad: Sekuru Dzvokora (98) Abandoned by His 5 Children


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